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DMC is a full service collection agency; experts in the recovery of past due assets and receivables. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Skiptracing - We use state of the art skiptracing tools to locate those individuals that don't want to be found. DMC does provide this service free of charge.

Credit Reporting - DMC reports accounts, placed with us for collection, to Trans Union. This makes it almost impossible for a debtor to obtain any type of credit without first having to pay your debt first.

Litigation - DMC will file suit in order to recover your receivables, if it becomes necessary. No legal fees are paid by you. All court costs and attorney fees are paid up front by DMC and recovered when the debt is paid in full.

Arbitration - DMC's staff is professionally trained to handle disputed accounts. Our employees will handle all arbitration on your behalf so that you won't have too.

In addition, DMC holds a seminar twice a year to educate our clients and help them understand the complete collection process; how to set-up a successful accounts receivable department in their own office, and provide them with additional tools to help their business' be more successful in the recover of past due receivables.